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December 12, 2012 / Admin

Ken Fisher on the Fiscal Cliff

You may find interesting this note from Ken Fisher published in a recent Financial Times article regarding the impact on the equities markets of the impending Fiscal Cliff:

Ken Fisher on the Looming Fiscal Can-Kick

As debate continues swirling over the presumed-slope-that-is-mostly-a-budget-debate also known as the “Fiscal Cliff,” a few details have been trickling out regarding the state of negotiations between Republicans and Democrats. The fact finding and wrangling sheds an interesting light on how the debate is evolving—and how strong the motivation actually is to strike a deal. In a recent Financial Times article, Ken Fisher (CEO of Fisher Investments) discussed how this debate is affected by the looming 2014 midterms. Here’s some more detail on the political pressures likely driving a fiscal compromise.

Read Ken Fisher’s full story here:

– Matt Goldhaber, VP, Fisher Investments

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